PeopleSoft HCM Solution Consultant
Matthias Essrich

Life beside the business

The profession as a consultant with always new customers, different locations and new teams is challenging. Other "challenges" are required to find the right balance. These additional activities prevent to end up as an IT nerd and open the eyes for new things.
Since 1993 I spend every year some days in Italy mid of May. The people from the Toskany to Rome are following the 1000 Miles of a classic car race: The Mille Miglia. And every year it is a pleasure to follow the race to enjoy La Dolce Vita and the classic cars build between 1923 and 1957. Please have a look at some photos of the Mille Miglia 2016 and 2015. More will follow soon.
When I bought more than 10 years a TVR S2 built in England in 1988 friends and colleagues shaked their heads: "Do you really think this car brings you without any problems from A to B? And how much money do you want to spent for the permanent maintenance? And where do you find the spare parts?

Many Cons. The Pros I could count with one hands

But to make the long story short: I've never regretted to buy the car. It was and it is so much fun. And you meet always nice people with the same kind of passion

The TVR Club of Germany is one place where you can find this kind of people

And it is additionally sometimes a great pleasure to have some visible results after a long day working with your hands at the garage. The workday as a consultant is not bringing every day visible results.

Fitness trackers are showing in our days that a consultant is spending every week more than 3 days in a sitting position. It is obvious this in not healty. Since more than 30 years I'm not only running because it's healthy. I also like it because I know how to fight against a tired body. And how to keep my mind motivated if the finish is not next corner. The running alone or in a team is an important part of a good worklife balance. These events I would like to recommend:

Fantastic atmosphere in a great city:Berlin Marathon

Perfect combination of a sportive challenge with delicious breaks: Half Marathon Alsace

Running in a relay let you enjoy the running today. One of the most existing and biggest event is in Denmark: DHL Stafetten Copenhagen

These events are always bringing people together who are enjoying their life. And that's it what counts.